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Veterinary Tech Assistant


Hello, I'm Gabby, and I've spent over 2 years in the veterinary field, bringing a wealth of experience from grooming, formal veterinary assistant schooling, and personal involvement in tending to newly born kittens. While Howard County Animal Hospital is only my second clinic, I bring strong technician skills to ensure the well-being of your pets while keeping them comfortable and safe. I find great joy in working at Howard County, connecting with both the patients and their owners.

My lifelong desire has been to work with animals. This passion was ignited by watching the crocodile hunter and his thrilling adventures. He became a significant role model for me and influenced the path I wanted to pursue. One of my life goals is to work with wild animals, whether in a zoo or by exploring different countries to understand their practices compared to those in America. This commitment to animals is holds immense importance to me, and I strongly believe in their rightful care and protection.

I am dedicated to the well-being of animals and consider it my responsibility to contribute to their welfare in our world.

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