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Dog dental care importance


Why worry about my pets mouth?

Periodontal disease is the most common medical condition in companion animals, affecting nearly 75 percent of all pets by the age of 3 years old has been linked to heart, kidney and liver disease. The best way to combat this health issue is through early management, such as at-home dental care and regular assessments performed by a professional. This will help to greatly reduce plaque and tartar buildup on your pet’s teeth and infection of the gum line. It also helps prevents severe periodontal dental disease that could require extractions in advanced stages.

Professional dental cleanings are an important part of your pet’s overall healthcare plan. One of our veterinarians will examine your pet's teeth and gums to evaluate the overall periodontal health and recommend a plan.

Cat opening wide for vet dental exam

Common Signs of Dental Disease

  • Bad breath

  • Decreased appetite

  • Drooling

  • Swelling below the eye (especially in dogs)

  • Appearance of plaque and tartar

  • Discolored teeth

  • Lethargy or reduced activity

  • Pain or discomfort while eating

Dental Assessment and Treatment

We offer full periodontal cleanings, complete oral exam, and treatment under anesthesia. This includes full mouth charting to record disease and treatment, ultrasonic scaling, followed by curettage(removal of infected gingival pockets) and polishing of the teeth, and application of a fluoride treatment/plaque retardant to the teeth. Surgical tooth extractions, gingival overgrowth removal(gingivectomy), and intraoral mass removals are also available when necessary.

Veterinarian of Ellicott City, Dr. Parker with patient assessing pet dental care need

Come, sit, heal.

Whether your pet is in need of routine care or emergency surgery we got you covered. Howard County Animal Hospital is a full service veterinary clinic offering a range of veterinary care to the pets of Ellicott City, Columbia, Baltimore, Catonsville, Elkridge, Pikesville, Woodlawn, Randallstown, Towson and the surrounding areas located just off of route 40 outside of the 695 beltway.

We felt so heard here, and I am so grateful for all the informaton the staff gave to us. As a first time dog parent, I always have questions. Thanks for listening and taking great care of our big guy!


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