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Veterinarian wellness/vaccine appointments in ellicott city, columbia, catonsville & howard county


Tailored for All Life Stages

Wellness care is one of the best ways to catch and treat illnesses in their early stages, helping to prolong your pet’s life. The earlier we can make adjustments to your pet’s diet, administer supplements or start medications, the better the chance your pet has of living comfortably. Preventative care is tailored specifically to your pet, and the veterinarian’s recommendations depend upon their lifestyle, specific health needs and particulars of their breed.

Dr. Parker Keil's pet dog and cat

Pediatric Wellness


We generally start seeing our youngest patients at around 2 months of age and visit with them every 3 to 4 weeks until they’re 4 months old. These visits allow for comprehensive wellness exams, fecal testing, intestinal parasite deworming, and individualized vaccination schedules.

Adult Wellness

Adult pets between 1 and 6 years of age should be seen for wellness visits at least once annually for a comprehensive physical exam, fecal testing, vaccine boosters, heartworm testing, and ongoing flea, tick, and heartworm preventatives.

Senior Wellness

Senior pets 7 years and older should be seen twice annually for their regular adult pet care as well as labwork (blood, urine, and blood parasite) to monitor health and check for common age-related illnesses.

Come, sit, heal.

Whether your pet is in need of routine care or emergency surgery we got you covered. Howard County Animal Hospital is a full service veterinary clinic offering a range of veterinary care to the pets of Ellicott City, Columbia, Baltimore, Catonsville, Elkridge, Pikesville, Woodlawn, Randallstown, Towson and the surrounding areas located just off of route 40 outside of the 695 beltway.

We felt so heard here, and I am so grateful for all the informaton the staff gave to us. As a first time dog parent, I always have questions. Thanks for listening and taking great care of our big guy!


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