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Veterinary Assistant


Claire Zimmerman is a dedicated veterinary assistant at Howard County Animal Hospital, where she began her journey in May 2023. Currently pursuing her passion for animals, she is an undergraduate student at the prestigious University of Florida, majoring in Zoology.

With a diverse background in customer service and the restaurant business, Claire brings a well-rounded skillset to her role at the animal hospital. Her love for animals extends beyond her work as she cares for two dogs, a cat, a ball python, and a fish.

Claire's fascination with the animal kingdom and her commitment to their well-being have ignited her ambition to pursue veterinary school in the future. Her dedication and enthusiasm for the field make her an integral part of the team at Howard County Animal Hospital.

Outside of her professional endeavors, Claire finds joy in her hobbies, which include dancing, shopping, hiking, crafts, and cherishing precious moments with her family and friends.

As Claire continues to make a positive impact in the veterinary field, her compassion and enthusiasm for animals shine brightly, and she looks forward to a fulfilling career where she can continue to nurture her passion for animal care.

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