Our Careteam

Lead Veterinary Technician
To Alexa Pournaras, there is no time better spent than time spent with animals – caring for them, helping them, or even just snuggling them! From the early age of just five years old, Alexa knew she wanted to work in veterinary medicine. In fact, every job she’s ever held has somehow involved animals!

Before joining the Howard County Animal Hospital in December of 2017, Alexa spent 10 years in pet retail. Now, as part of our team, she says she never wants to leave, which is great news for us as well as our clients!

While Alexa particularly enjoys performing surgery, she especially appreciates dental procedures because the near instant improvement in a pet after their sore, painful teeth are pulled is so satisfying! Nothing makes her happier than to hear a pet owner say "He acts like a puppy again! It's like he's years younger and he feels so much better!"

Outside of the clinic, Alexa lives with her husband and their menagerie of pets, including: two dogs, a cat, a rabbit, four rats, and two snakes. Kita is a rescued pit bull, and Panzer is a German Shepherd who is technically her husband’s dog, but is really a momma's boy.
Alexa’s hobbies include doing sports with her dogs, sewing and crafting. She’s also an avid collector of houseplants.
Veterinary Technician
Growing up in Egypt, Mostafa – or Max, as he prefers to be called – always knew he wanted to take care of animals. In fact, as a child, he was the only one of his friends who owned a cat. It came as no surprise, then, that Max would eventually end up in a career in the veterinary field.

As a Veterinary Technician at Howard County Animal Hospital, Max is one of the key members of the team. He is well-liked by his colleagues, clients and patients alike. Professionally, Max has a particular interest in working with larger breed dogs.
Veterinary Technician
Veterinary Assistant
Helping animals is something that has always come natural to Johara. She recalls a particularly harrowing story during which she noticed a European starling that was stuck in a cable cord, hanging upside down by its foot. Without hesitation, Jo-Jo quickly grabbed a ladder, donned a pair of gloves and got to work. After successfully freeing the frightened bird, Jo-Jo knew a career in animal care was the right path for her!

In her role as one of Howard County Animal Hospital’s most beloved Veterinary Assistants, Jo-Jo gets to participate in the two things she loves most in life: meeting new people and working with animals. Professionally, she appreciates the opportunity to assist with surgical procedures, which she defines as ‘very satisfying.’ Jo-Jo was born in Baltimore, Maryland where she was raised by her Mom and Dad, along with her two sisters.