Pet supplies, oh my!

HCAH Family,

With the growing amount of requests for prescriptions, supplements, and foods coming to us via phone, fax, and email on a daily basis, combined with the unprecedented increase in pet ownership over the last two years, we have had to assess many of our existing policies for adjustment. At this time, in order to provide you, our clients, with the best care possible, we will no longer be filling any external prescriptions, from any source except direct-from-manufacturer food purchases from vet-recommended distributors such as Purina, Royal Canin, and Hill’s. 

Clients who would like to shop around to fill prescription items, or would like to use sources such as Chewy, Walmart, etc. for their pet’s needs will be able to pick up a written prescription, upon request. All written prescriptions will have a $5 fee, and will be valid for one year from the date of the pet’s last annual exam, unless the prescription is for a single-use or short term product, or refills are dependent on lab work that must be performed more frequently than annually. Effective immediately, any external prescriptions that are received will not be processed by us, and clients who have submitted them will need to reach out to us to receive a written prescription to complete any existing pending purchases.

For your convenience, we have established a brand new online store presence that can be used to purchase any items normally carried in hospital or commonly available from pharmacies and pet retailers. Items purchased through the online store will be eligible for all guarantees and rebates that would be offered if you purchased them from us, in person, while enabling you to have them automatically shipped directly to your home, for no additional cost. We are able to process purchases for auto-shipment over the phone or while you are in for a visit, or you can access the store through our website: 

There will be no additional fees for items purchased directly from us, from our online store, or for direct-from-manufacturer food purchases. Written prescriptions do not require a scheduled visit, but we do request that you call us to request them before stopping by to pick them up. 

We appreciate the flexibility and ongoing support as we continue to work to provide the best care possible to your pets.

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