Things To Teach Your Dog This Year

Happy New Year! As we leave 2021 behind and move on into 2022, many of us are thinking about our goals for the new year. Education is a great thing to strive for. No matter where you are in life, there’s always more to learn. As it turns out, that applies to Fido, too. In fact, January is Train Your Dog Month! Here, a Columbia, MD vet lists some things to teach your canine companion this year.


Little Fido has quite a lot on his doggy agenda for that first year! In addition to housebreaking and crate training, you’ll need to teach the little guy basic obedience commands, such as Sit, Stay, and Come. Your canine buddy will also need to get used to being groomed, having his paws and teeth handled, and to accept being crated, even if it’s just for travel or appointments. Swim lessons may also be on the agenda.

Adult Dogs

By the time your four-legged buddy is an adult, he should have all of the things we just mentioned pretty much sorted out. Now is the time to work on petiquette. Teach your pooch not to beg or jump on people. You may also want to show your pup some cute tricks. Classics like Beg, Shake, or Roll over never lose their charm. Some dogs really thrive on learning. If you and Fido are both willing, continue his education and teach him some advanced commands.

Senior Dogs

By this stage of his life, Fido probably won’t learn many new tricks, and that’s ok. Comfort really should be the focus. You may find that your pet develops issues with his sight or vision as he ages. If he does, you might need to incorporate some new things into his training. If your pup can’t see well, for instance, you may want to set out carpet runners and scent markers, such as air fresheners, to help him get around. If his hearing is going, start incorporating visual cues into your routine. You may also find yourself reassuring your pooch at this stage. Dogs can get confused and scared about the changes they go through. Cuddles and comfort will help soothe your furry buddy during these times.

Everyone at Howard County Animal Hospital, your Columbia, MD animal clinic, wishes you a happy, healthy, and prosperous new year. Call us anytime!

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