Reasons To Adopt A Senior Kitty

Are you ready to adopt a new pett? This is the perfect time: it’s Adopt A Senior Pet Month! Older cats often have a hard time getting adopted. That’s really sad, because they can make great animal companions! Read on as a local Columbia, MD vet lists some reasons to adopt Fluffy.

They’re Cute

Fluffy is super cute as a kitten, but she’s still pretty charming when she is fully grown. Senior kitties are pretty adorable, and they are often quite the characters!

They’re Calm

Kittens can definitely be a handful, and they need lots of supervision and playtime. Adult cats can be quite frisky and mischievous as well. However, those moments of zoominess will become fewer and further between as time passes. By the time your furry buddy is a senior, she’ll be more interested in napping than in chasing moths around the living room. There’s a lot to be said for having a calm pet!

Shorter Commitment

If you adopt a kitten, you could be signing on for as much as 20 years of pet parenting. That’s a pretty big commitment! Older cats don’t have that much time left. Of course, this really depends on the furball. While the average lifespan of today’s pet kitty is about 15 years, our feline patients are living longer and longer these days. Many of them make it to their late teens or early 20’s!

No Surprises

Another great thing about older cats? You don’t have to wonder about what they will look or act like as adults. The shelter will likely also have a good idea of Fluffy’s personality, which can help you pick a cat that’s a good match for your home.


Senior cats are just as loving and cuddly as any other furball, if not even more so. Our feline pals are definitely smart enough to know when someone has helped them, and they tend to be very, very grateful to those kind souls. (Fluffy may show her appreciation in odd ways, but that’s just what cats do.) The love and affection you get are well worth the cost of your kitty’s adoption fees and care needs. Don’t be surprised if your furry friend purrs as soon as you touch her!

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