Autumn With Pocket Pets

Fall is officially upon us! It’s always nice to enjoy that crisp air and gorgeous foliage after a long, hot summer. Who says pocket pets can’t enjoy some seasonal fun? Here, a Columbia, MD vet discusses autumn with pocket pets.


Your little buddy may be able to enjoy some seasonal treats. Sliced apples are safe for many pets. Pumpkins and pumpkin seeds are also non toxic to smaller animals. However, the seeds can present a choking risk for Guinea pigs and bunnies. Check with your vet before offering your pint-sized pal any seeds. Also, keep in mind that all animals have different care needs. Err on the side of caution, and look up foods that are safe for your specific pet.


There are lots of cute ways to make your tiny pal’s cage look seasonal and festive. You can replace their food bowls with ceramic autumn-themed ones. Or, offer your pet a cozy bed or hide box with a fabric that features fall prints or colors. You can also put decorations outside or around the cage. They even make stickers just for small animal habitats! Just don’t put anything that could be dangerous inside your pet’s habitat. That list includes small or sharp objects, items with dangling ropes or threads, and anything covered in paint, dye, or glitter.


Little animals take some absolutely adorable pictures. Snap a photo of your hamster sitting on a pumpkin, or put a tiny witch hat on your bunny. You can even find costumes made for Guinea pigs! Just supervise your furry friend very closely when using these props. You don’t want them to eat their set. If you put an outfit on your pet, take it off once the photo shoot is over.


As it starts getting chilly, your pet may sleep more. Offer the little guy a comfy hide box or a cozy, which is a sort of tent/sleeping bag/bed cross. Make sure your fuzzy buddy’s home is in a room that stays at comfortable temperatures. This is particularly important for hamsters, as they’ll try to hibernate if they get too cold. Your miniature furball may appreciate some extra substrate and bedding. Older animals may get stiff and sore, and will benefit from things like gently-angled ramps and soft beds.

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