Shedding Season Tips

Spring is only a week away! As the weather starts to warm up, many of our furry friends will start shedding their winter coats, and changing into spring outfits. You know what that means: fur everywhere. We can help! A Columbia, MD veterinarian offers some shedding season tips below.


One of the best things you can do is to brush your pet regularly. The more fur you get with the brush or comb, the less you’ll find on your clothing and furniture. Be sure to use the right type of brush or comb for your four-legged friend. We recommend doing this daily for heavy shedders. If it’s warm enough, take Fido outside for his beauty sessions, so the fur blows away. You may also want to don an apron yourself.


Even if you don’t use furniture slipcovers all year round, it’s probably worth your while to get some for this time of year. Choose ones that are machine washable. You may also want to put blankets over your pet’s bed.


Did you know that a squeegee works great at getting dead fur off clothing and upholstery? You can also use rubber gloves or a damp sponge. Daily vacuuming will also help.

Wardrobe Rescue

Pick up a few extra lint rollers. Keep them stashed in various places, such as your car and work desk. A slightly damp sponge or washcloth can quickly get fur off your clothing. Another option would be to toss the ‘furred’ item into the wash with a wet washcloth for about five minutes. You may also want to get fur traps for your washing machine.

Hairball Prevention/Supplements

Hairballs are an issue with cats in spring. While hairballs are no more fun for Fluffy than they are for you, they’re much more than an inconvenient nuisance. Sometimes kitties cannot expel their hairballs properly. This can lead to dangerous intestinal blockages. Ask your vet for a good hairball remedy.

Muddy Paws

Shedding season is also mud season for many of us. One way to keep Fido from tracking all over the floor? Put a bathmat outside the door. These are great at holding water, and work pretty well at cleaning doggy feet. You may also want to keep pet wipes handy.

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