7 Reasons to Adopt a Guinea Pig

March is Adopt A Guinea Pig Month! If you’re looking for a pet that is small, cute, easy to care for, and lots of fun, look no further! These little balls of fur are quite the charmers! A Columbia, MD vet lists some great reasons to adopt a cavy in this article.

They’re Quiet

Guinea pigs don’t make a lot of noise, which is definitely a plus for those who have nearby neighbors. However, when they do speak, it’s super cute. Guinea pigs actually have their own sound: the wheek. The wheek, as one may suspect, is very closely related to the squeak. Your pet may do it when he wants food, or is expecting dinner. We probably don’t have to tell you how cute this is.

They’re Affectionate

While some cavies are more cuddly than others are, these guys tend to be more affectionate than most small pets. Some even like to sleep in their humans’ laps!

They Do Tricks

Did you know that Guinea pigs are capable of learning simple tricks? You may be able to teach your tiny furball to turn in circles, come when you call, or just go into their cage on command.


Another adorable trick cavies have up their sleeves? Popcorning. This is less a technical term than a really cute word that describes a specific behavior. When a Guinea pig popcorns, they jump into the air, often straight up. This looks like–you guessed it–a giant, fluffy kernel of corn being popped. (Hence the name.) Many cavies popcorn when they feel playful or excited. Again, super cute!

They’re Adorable

There are many different types of Guinea pigs. Some have long fur, some have short fur, and some are even curly. You can also get these furballs in many different colors and color combinations. One thing they all have in common? They’re all adorable!


Although Guinea pigs are adorable, they may not be the right pet for everyone. You’ll need to provide your pet with a great living area, lots of toys, fresh hay, and comfy beds or hammocks. It’s also worth mentioning that we don’t recommend getting just one, as they tend to get lonely. As with any pet, do some research and think carefully before adopting one.

Do you have questions about Guinea pig care? Contact us, your local Columbia, MD animal clinic, anytime!

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