Valentine’s Day Hazards for Dogs

Valentine’s Day is coming up in a few weeks. This sweet lover’s holiday has a lot of romantic trappings. Unfortunately, many of them are unsafe for pets. It’s important for you to know what is and isn’t dangerous as Cupid comes to town. Here, a Columbia, MD vet lists some hazards for dog owners to be aware of.


Chocolate is definitely a big hazard here. It contains a substance called theobromine, which dogs can’t metabolize. Chocolate ingestion can cause trembling, rapid heart rate, and other issues. In fact, it can be fatal at just one ounce per pound of Fido’s body weight. While some kinds of chocolate are more dangerous than others, they are all hazardous.


Those sweet treats—even the ones with those cute little messages—are also unsafe for our canine pals. Many contain things like xylitol, which is toxic to dogs. Hard candies and candy wrappers can also present choking hazards.


Many popular flowers are poisonous to Fido. Some dangerous ones include lilies, azaleas, and daffodils. Keep bouquets in spots your pooch can’t reach.


Candles set the stage for a romantic evening. Just keep them in high, secure spots. A house fire is not the way you want to heat up your night! 


Dogs tend to perk right up when they spot stuffed animals. Fido’s stuffed animal obsession is adorable, but it can also be dangerous. Some plushies have things like ribbons or plastic eyes or buttons, which are choking hazards. Others may contain squeakers or noise boxes, which are also dangerous for Fido to consume. Get your pup his own toy, and keep that cute teddy bear out of paws’ reach.


In most cases, if Fido eats your card, the biggest issue will be that he destroys a memento. However, cards that make noise or light up contain batteries, which are definitely not safe for our four-legged friends to eat.


Hopefully this goes without saying, but don’t share any alcoholic beverages with your canine pal. Even small amounts of booze can make Fido very sick!


If you’re making something special for dinner, think twice before sharing it with your furry friend. Many popular foods are toxic to Man’s Best Friend! Ask your vet for more information.

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