Holiday Gifts for Puppies

Have you recently adopted a puppy? If so, that’s great! Little Fido’s first holiday season is bound to provide you with some wonderful memories. That moment when your pet gets his presents can make for some super cute photos! Actually, your four-legged buddy has lots of things on his wish list for Santa Paws! A Columbia, MD vet lists some holiday gifts for your furry friend below.

Chew Toys

Little Fido’s adult teeth will start coming in by the time he’s about six months old. This can be quite painful, just as the teething process is for human babies. Your four-legged pal will need lots of suitable chew toys. Kong toys are a great option. Just be sure to pick things that are the right size for your pooch. You’ll also need to do some puppyproofing. Your pet could be in serious trouble if he tries to eat something that isn’t safe for him! Ask your vet for specific instructions.


When used properly, crates are actually very comforting to dogs. You want little Fido to think of his crate as his own private room or den. Proper training, of course, is very important. Crate training your pet now will also make things much easier on him down the road. Sooner or later, your pooch will be crated, either at the vet’s or groomer’s, or during travel.

Grooming Supplies

Speaking of groomers, your future self will thank you for getting Fido used to things like getting his claws clipped and his teeth brushed while he’s still young. Paw balm, shampoos, clippers, and doggy dental supplies are all ‘pawesome’ stocking stuffers!


Treats are one of Fido’s favorite things, but they aren’t just important for tail wags. They make wonderful training aids. They’re also a great way for you to bond with your pet. Choose high-quality puppy snacks.

Obedience Classes

Little Fido has a lot to learn over the next 12 months. Your little buddy will need to know basic obedience commands. The most important ones are Sit, Stay, Come, Heel, and Lay Down. Consider enrolling him in obedience training. 

Travel Supplies

Dogs love to explore new places. Things like collapsible dishes, waste baggies, tie-out lines, and retractable leashes are great to have on hand for those adventures with your furry bff.

Happy holidays! Please contact us, your Columbia, MD veterinary clinic, anytime. We’re here to help!

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