Getting Your Dog Plush Toys

There’s a fun doggy holiday coming up. Plush Animal Day is October 28th! Many of our canine pals love to bring their humans their favorite stuffed animals. It’s not easy to refuse these adorable requests for attention and playtime. Man’s Best Friend is super cute when he’s playing with stuffed animals! However, there are some things to keep in mind here. A Columbia, MD veterinarian offers a few ‘pointers’ on getting Fido stuffed animals below. 

The Attraction

Have you ever wondered why dogs like stuffed animals? They remind Fido of the prey he would hunt in the wild. Unfortunately, some pups get a bit too carried away with these toys. In some cases, this may incite or increase their prey drive. If your four-legged friend seems overly possessive about his plushie, ask your vet for toy recommendations. 


Our canine buddies don’t really understand the concept of ownership. This can be an issue when children with stuffed animals meet dogs that like stuffed animals. If your youngster has playthings of their own, keep these out of Fido’s sight and reach.


Many stuffed animals have things like buttons, ribbons, or plastic eyes. These are all choking hazards to playful pets! Remove these, and sew the openings shut. 


Some dogs try to eat the filling. Before purchasing a new toy, check the label and make sure the filling is non-toxic. That isn’t a fail-safe, however: even stuffing that isn’t toxic can be dangerous if ingested.


Squeakers are a huge attraction for Fido. As you may know, many pups remove these. (Some pooches are remarkably good at this, but that’s another topic.) That squeaker is definitely not something you want your furry friend eating! These are choking hazards, and can cause serious internal injuries if ingested. 


Dogs play using their mouths, so it doesn’t take long for their favorite stuffed animals to become crusty and grungy. Most plush toys can go into the washing machine. However, before you wash Fido’s plaything, take a good look at it. If it’s been reduced to a few grungy pieces of material, discretely toss it, and get your pup something else. (Needless to say, you’ll want to do this when your furry buddy is either outside or sound asleep.) 

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