6 Ways to Help Feed Rescue Pets

Feed A Rescue Pet Week starts July 27th! This is one subject that is near and dear to our hearts. There are just too many sweet pets out there in shelters desperately hoping someone will adopt them. Keeping all of these homeless pets fed can be quite challenging for shelters, especially smaller ones. That’s why many of them rely on their local communities to keep them going. A Columbia, MD vet lists some ways you can help below.


Donations are always a great way to help. In some cases, they may even be tax deductible, though you’ll want to check with your accountant to be sure. It doesn’t matter if you offer a little or a lot: every little bit counts!


You can usually drop off pet food, or have it delivered to the shelter. Although food is the highlight of this particular holiday, shelters do also need other supplies, like toys, dishes, leashes, litter, and litterboxes. While you may want to ask the shelter what they need the most, at the end of the day, anything helps.

Raising Awareness

Many people are sympathetic to the plight of homeless animals, but don’t really know how to help them, aside from adopting one. Spreading posts on social media about this special occasion is definitely a great option, as it can really boost awareness.


Speaking of adopting, it really is the biggest thing you can do to help keep a homeless animal fed. This will also free up space at the shelter. However, adopting a pet is a really big decision. Think things over carefully before proceeding!


Do you really want to make a difference? Consider hosting a fundraiser. Traditionally, yard sales and bake sales were the most popular fundraisers. However, there are other things you can do. Start an online group, and raffle off various items. Or, sell some of your old stuff online, and give the proceeds to a local shelter.

Fix Your Pets

Getting your own pets fixed will also help promote good animal welfare. Unwanted litters are a huge problem, and one of the reasons there are so many pets in shelters to begin with. With fewer kittens and puppies, shelters can focus their resources on older pets.

Do you have questions or concerns about your pet’s care? Please contact us, your Columbia, MD vet clinic, anytime.

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