Caring for a Senior Rabbit

Is your bunny aged 5 or older? If so, you have a furry little senior on your hands! Of course, Floppy may still have quite a bit of time left. Bunnies can live up to 12 years, or even longer, with good care. However, your pet will need some extra TLC as she ages. A  Columbia, MD vet discusses senior bunny care below.


Older rabbits sometimes have a hard time getting good traction. Set out some footstools or ottomans for your rabbit to use as stairs. You may want to set out some non-slip rugs to make it easier for Floppy to get around, especially in rooms with floors. Also, if your pet uses a litterbox, be sure to put plenty of hay into it.

Warning Signs

Just like people, bunnies sometimes develop medical issues as they age. Keep an eye out for changes that could indicate medical issues. This includes things like weight loss or gain, increased water intake, poor grooming, fecal staining, lameness, drooling, muscle loss, depression, grumpiness, and isolation. Unusual behavior and vocalization are also red flags. Call your vet immediately if you notice any of these signs.


You may notice Floppy having a hard time hopping up to her favorite chair or perch. This may be a sign of arthritis. Ask your vet for specific advice, including supplements and medication.


Playing with Floppy is a great way to help her get her daily workout in. This is also good for your pet mentally! Offer your furry pal lots of chew toys, and play with her regularly.


Keeping your bunny well-groomed will go a long way in keeping her comfortable. Brush Floppy gently, and keep her ears and eyes clean. Your furry buddy may also get callouses on her hocks. Vaseline will help with these.


Your bunny will appreciate having some soft beds to lie in, both in and out of her cage. It’s worth noting that older rabbits are sometimes prone to chills. Consider putting one of Floppy’s beds near a heating vent, or getting her a thermal blanket.


Regularly pet and hold your bunny, so she feels loved. When you do this, check Floppy for bumps, cuts, and sore spots. Gently massage her to help ease soreness and stiffness.

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