Take Your Dog to Work Day

Does your canine buddy watch for you when it’s time to come home? Does your pooch jump for joy when you walk in the door? We suspect that, for most of you, the answer to those questions is a resounding yes. Given the option, Fido would probably go everywhere with you … even to work. With Take Your Dog To Work Day coming up June 22nd, he just might just get his wish! An Ellicott City, MD vet offers some tips on taking your dog to work in this article.


Not all dogs are a good fit for the workplace. If Fido is a furry, four-legged bundle of mischief, he may end up wreaking some havoc! Calm, well-behaved pooches are the best bet. Of course, this will also depend on where you work, and your company’s policies. Get official permission to bring Fido in! As a courtesy, you’ll also want to check with your co-workers. You don’t want to find out at the last minute that Mark in accounting is allergic to dogs, or that Susan in HR is absolutely terrified of them. Last but not least, make sure that Fido is microchipped, wearing ID tags, and current on vaccines and parasite control. 


If you get the thumbs-up to bring your dog in, be sure to give him a good bath before his first day. You may even want to dress him up a bit. Fido may look absolutely adorable in a bow tie or a modified company tee shirt! Schedule is also something to consider. You may need to move your breaks around to walk your furry pal, so make arrangements for this in advance. We also recommend tiring your pup out with a long walk and a vigorous play session that morning, to burn off his excess energy.


Our canine pals are very opportunistic eaters, and they aren’t afraid to ask for handouts. If your pooch has a begging habit, keep him close to you during lunch, especially if people nearby are eating at their desks. You don’t want your coworker becoming annoyed by Fido staring at his meatball sandwich! Also, ask people not to feed your furry buddy without checking with you first.

Please reach out to us, your local Ellicott City, MD vet clinic, for all of your pet’s veterinary care needs. We are here to help!

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