Take Your Cattitude to Work

June 17th is Take Your Cat To Work Day! This sounds like an adorable idea, but it may not be very logical for many people. Actually, in most cases, Fluffy will be better off staying home and napping while you work to earn money for pet food and catnip. However, your pet can still be with you in spirit! In fact, cats can be quite inspiring. Here, an Ellicott City, MD vet lists some ways to incorporate your kitty’s cattitude into your workday.

Get Lots Of Rest

If kitties all had one Golden Rule, it would probably be to get plenty of sleep. (Actually, Fluffy may take this one a bit too seriously, but that’s another topic.) Make sure to be well-rested before work!

Speak Your Mind

Kitties aren’t shy about letting us know when they strongly like or dislike something. Of course, we don’t advise biting or scratching your co-workers if something displeases you. Purring at them when you’re pleased isn’t really a good idea either. The safer route here is to offer feedback as needed.

Look Your Best

Fluffy is very diligent about her beauty regime, and may spend hours each day carefully grooming herself. Make sure to look neat and well-groomed at your job!

Make Time For Play

Fluffy loves pouncing on little catnip mice or chasing the dot from a laser pointer. Needless to say, these things probably won’t go over well at most workplaces. Just remember to have fun when you can.

Eat Well

Cats are fairly finicky eaters. Fluffy has been known to turn her nose up at anything that smells even slightly off. Eat healthy, nutritious foods.

Try New Things

Kitties are quite courageous. Fluffy may boldly climb a tree, explore a new spot, or try an unusual sleeping position. It’s important to try new things and work towards new goals!

Take Pride In Your Work

Kitties are very good at looking smug and self-satisfied. While you don’t want to brag, it is important to take pride in your work. Give yourself a pat on the back when you’ve done something well.

Be Grateful

Cats are very grateful and appreciative of the love and care we give them. Be thankful to those who have helped you!

Please contact us, your Ellicott City, MD vet clinic, with any questions about your cat’s health or care. We’re happy to help!

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