Springtime Safety Tips for Dogs and Cats

Finally, spring is in the air. Your pet is probably as excited as you are to enjoy the warmer weather, but remember that spring brings with it a few common hazards for our four-legged friends. Learn more below as your Columbia, MD veterinarian offers a few springtime safety tips.

Toxic Plant Trouble

All sorts of plants and flowers can prove toxic to our animal friends. This time of year, your pet might be spending more time outdoors, and you might be bringing bouquets and floral arrangements indoors as well. Some of the most common plant offenders include elephant ear, the sago palm, rhododendron (also called azalea), philodendron, dieffenbachia, lilies, tulips, daffodils, various aloe plants, and Amaryllis, among many others. Check your home, garden, and landscaping to make sure you’re not planting something harmful for pets.

Allergy Awareness

Were you aware that the human members of your family aren’t the only ones who can suffer from springtime allergies? Cats and dogs, too, might be more stuffy and sniffling as spring rolls on. Pets can react to pollen, mold, dust, dirt, and a variety of other substances, just like humans can! If you think your pet might be having an allergic reaction because of the season, contact your vet’s office to make an appointment.

Pest Prevention

With warmer weather comes a higher chance of infestations and infections thanks to dangerous pests like fleas, ticks, and parasitic worms. The trick is to avoid the problem entirely by keeping your pet on high-quality preventative medications! These medications keep harmful pests at bay so that your animal companion stays healthy and happy throughout the warmer months. For most pets, a heartworm preventative and a flea-and-tick control product works well to ward off outdoor pests that might cause harm. Consult your vet right away if your pet needs such medications.

Spring Cleaning Safety

There’s a good chance you’ll be doing some spring cleaning this time of year. Remember that many of the cleaning products you might use can prove harmful to your dog or cat. Everything from household disinfectants and bleach-based products to carpet shampoo and furniture polish could cause serious health problems if a pet manages to ingest it! Make sure to keep all cleaning products locked safely away, and move your pet elsewhere when cleaning with strong chemicals.

For more tips on keeping your pet safe this spring, contact your Columbia, MD vet clinic.

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