Great New Year’s Resolutions Inspired By Dogs

Happy New Year! Today, many people are setting resolutions for the coming year. If you’re setting new goals for yourself, why not include Fido in the process? After all, your canine friend will be right there with you as you strive to meet your new goals. Here, an Ellicott City, MD lists some great resolutions inspired by dogs.

Get Fit

Staying active is important for both people and pets. Walking your canine friend is a great way to get some exercise in every day. Fido can make a great workout buddy! Just check with your vet before starting your pup on an exercise regimen.

Eat Right

Good nutrition is a goal for both you and your dog. Offer Fido a premium dog food, one that is specifically formulated for his age and size. Eating right is also a great goal for people. Experiment with different foods and cooking techniques this year, and find a few new favorite dishes.

Have Fun

If dogs had one lesson for us, it may very well be to enjoy life. Fido is super cute when he’s happily bounding after a Frisbee, or jumping for joy at the thought of a car ride! Take a cue from your four-legged buddy, and do things you enjoy this year.

Learn Something New

Many dogs actually like learning new things. Fido should definitely know basic doggy obedience commands, such as Sit, Stay, Come, Heel, and Lay Down. If your furry friend has these mastered, teach him a cute trick, like Gimme Paw, Sing, or Roll Over. You can also teach your pooch something a bit more advanced, like the command to Leave It. Of course, your own education is also important. Life is about changing and growing, after all. Enroll in night classes, or try a new hobby.


Man’s Best Friend definitely has a taste for adventure. (Actually, Fido is a bit too enthusiastic about adventures sometimes, but that’s another topic.) Visit some new parks this year, or try a new trail. Or, take your pup and head off on a road trip to somewhere you’ve never been.


Enjoy some down time with your canine pal this year! Don’t skimp on those ear scritches and belly rubs, either. Time spent with dogs is never wasted.

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