6 Ways to Catproof Your Tree

Do you have a frisky cat on your hands? If so, you may be headed for a ‘catastrophe’ if you plan to put a tree up this year. Our feline pals just can’t resist those beautifully-decorated trees. In fact, pawing at ornaments and climbing trees are two of Fluffy’s favorite seasonal traditions. We are here to help! Read on as a Columbia, MD vet offers tips on catproofing your tree.

Choose A Sturdy Tree

Make sure to pick a tree that has a sturdy base, one that won’t wobble if your cat bats at it. Remember to cover the water bowl: the water could contain residue from toxic chemicals, like fertilizer and pesticides.

Go Artificial

You may want to consider getting a fake tree instead of a real one. The artificial ones are much harder for kitties to climb. Plus, you will be able to reuse it next year!

Decorate Carefully

Keep your feline buddy in mind as you decorate your tree. Keep the lower branches fairly bare: just put a few sturdy, non-breakable ornaments on them. Put the majority of the tinsel, lights, and ornaments on the top half of the tree, out of paws’ reach. (Note: ornament hooks, tinsel, ribbons, fragile ornaments, and small or sharp items are all dangerous to cats. Make sure to pick up these things immediately if they fall to the ground.)

Location Is Everything

When picking a spot for your tree, avoid areas that are too close to sofas, desks, or anything else your furball could use as a kitty launch pad. A corner is best, as it will limit your feline friend’s access a bit.


Punishing cats isn’t very effective: Fluffy won’t really understand why you’re mad at her, and may just feel scared, angry, or confused. Bribery, however, often works quite well. Offer your kitty some new toys, and play with her daily. This will hopefully wear her out a bit, so that she’ll be more interested in napping under the tree than attacking it.

Extra Support

Secure the top of the tree to the wall or ceiling with fishing line. It won’t show, but it will add extra support. This may help keep the tree standing if your furball tries to climb it.

Season’s Greetings from all of us here at Howard County Animal Hospital, your Columbia, MD vet clinic. Call us anytime!

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